Prevention can be taken to mean, a process of offering advice, guiding and educating a certain group of people in the name of promoting their well being in the society. It is a critical decision one makes to meet the choice aimed at meeting ones challenges of life by creating a condition favorable to promote good lifestyles and healthy behaviors. Prevention of diseases involves three levels, according to the stages of the target disease (Sieving 1997). They are primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Primary level is the process by which various methods are used in to avoid a person initiating a p disease (Piccinino  1998).They are used prior to that person getting the disease. Methods used in this level would be like, campaigns from public service, school and community programs and of course constant communication with the intended group. This helps in avoidance of the disease.According to (Sieving 1997) the second level of prevention is the secondary level that is used in the early stages of disease detection.

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